Down Hole Heating System

RCA offers well Trained Engineers for down hole heating systems to ensure flow assurance / enhanced oil recovery to improve production , eliminate down time and prolong the life of the well . We use electro thermal heating technologies to apply heat in the well bore for this system. The electro thermal heating cable inserted into the reservoirs provides a constant source of high thermal energy in the pay zone. We have carried out this system at Oil India Assam in India.

Frost Heave Prevention System

RCA offers its services in frost heave prevention system for complete execution and maintenance to maintain the ideal heat input for the tank base and to enhance the reliability and efficiency. We carried out complete FHP system installation from main Power feeder to Transformer installation, Heat Tracing panel Erection, Heat tracing installation on the base of tank, installation of sensor and control for temperature measurement till commissioning. Installed this system at Petronas (Malaysia)

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